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   Yes, the rumors are true!

It began as a silly notion, an inside joke, but turned into a concept... a project... a calling. And a book was born.  REST -- a picture book of bathrooms.  Really?  As real as real gets! This tongue-in-cheek photo digest of public toilets takes you inside a world that many would rather not acknowledge, photographed as-is, not prepped or staged in any way.

Intriguing?  Artistic?  Funny?  Inspiring?  Disgusting?  Stupid?  Maybe... everyone will relate to this most undistinguished aspect of life, but each will see something different.  The images in this collection will inspire thought, spawn discussion, and reinforce this base connection that we all share.

REST assured, it will make you laugh... for one reason or another!

  • Cultivate smiles at home and at work with strategically placed REST picture books.

  • Play the REST companion DVD as a backdrop to your next soiree for all to enjoy.

  • Spread the mirth far and wide by sprinkling REST-themed items throughout your life!


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